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Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) is the right’s premier libertarian/conservative grassroots organization. Their leadership understands that campaigns are decided by the number and effectiveness of the volunteers on both sides. It may not seem glamorous, yet like many military campaigns, while soldiers dream of strategy, generals do logistics.

By mastering the chronically neglected basics, YAL has elected a bevy of constitutional conservatives across the country.

But success presents its own challenges. Along the way they’ve confronted resistance from various big government bullies, but none as vexing as local apparatchiks in Dallas, Texas.

Dan Backer, writing for The Golden Hammer, explains:

This week, YAL submitted a demand letter to the City of Dallas calling on them to compensate Young Americans for Liberty for the nearly $200,000 loss the organization incurred because the city canceled YAL’s premier student training event — Mobilize 2020 — at the last minute on Monday, August 3.

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Young Americans for Liberty agreed to every changing safety precaution the City demanded (providing boxed lunches, ensuring student travel mates will be roommates, following masks and social distancing protocols, and more), and the City ultimately approved YAL for the event.

But then, only a few days before the event — after having approved it the prior week — the City of Dallas canceled Mobilize 2020, costing YAL $200,000.

The city of Dallas needs to be asked: Why are unmasked protests being allowed to happen while peaceful, precaution-following YAL events are being shut down? The fact that bureaucrats will not let freedom-loving students peaceably assemble, but allow cities to burn, speaks volumes about their intentions.

In response, YAL President Cliff Maloney has redoubled his organization’s robust ground game to elect 50 liberty-minded candidates in November. At the same time, his tenacious legal team fights tirelessly to hold the petty officials behind this political hit job responsible.

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