Silver linings…

If there’s a silver lining to 2020, it’s this: firearms sales have smashed records during the pandemic lockdown and in response to the ongoing riots.

More and more Americans are arming themselves, including five million first-time gun owners. The FBI recorded 3.9 million background checks in June alone!

Here are the top-selling guns in every category:

Semi-Automatic Pistol: Glock 19

George William Herbert via Wikimedia Commons

Since 1988 the Glock 19 has won over police departments, military units, and licensed gun owners around the globe with its versatility and reliability.

Revolver: Colt Python

Coati077 via Wikimedia Commons

Introduced in 1955, this .357 Magnum is universally regarded as a premium revolver that combines both accuracy and power.

AR-15 Style Semi-Automatic Rifle: Smith & Wesson M&P15

danphamcdp via Wikimedia Commons

The Smith & Wesson M&P15 has been a favorite of police departments and private citizens since 2006.

Bolt-Action Rifle: Remington Model 700

Ragnhild Kjeldsen via Wikimedia Commons

This classic bolt-action rifle was the inspiration for the M24 and M40 U.S. military sniper rifles.

Pump Action Shotgun: Mossberg 590

United States Army photo by Staff Sergeant Joseph Roberts via Wikimedia Commons

Proven in the field by military and law enforcement, the Mossberg 590 is considered ideal for home defense.

Semi-Automatic Shotgun: TS 12 Tavor

Fish Cop via Wikimedia Commons

The TS 12’s revolutionary design has made it popular with a variety of gun enthusiasts. It scores high marks for ergonomics and accuracy.

Lever-Action Rifle: Marlin 1895

Thayne Tuason via Wikimedia Commons

Big game hunters often prefer the Marlin 1895 for its close to medium range accuracy and durability when exposed to the elements.

Lever-Action Shotgun: Henry Axe

simonov via Wikimedia Commons

The Henry Axe gets its name from its iconic ax-handle style grip.

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26 days ago

Maybe a “Stock” Photo of each of these would be helpfull

jim jordan
jim jordan
26 days ago

Instead of showing pictures of the average gun stores show the weapon. No idea what thexlever action shotgun looks like. Does it resemble the Winchester 1886?

Joe F
Joe F
11 days ago

WTH maybe a picture would help?